Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho – Leicester Square Theatre

MARGARETTHATCHERQUEENOFSOHO-IDGTFMargaret Thatcher, for those who may not know, still remains the United Kingdoms longest running (and only female) Prime Minister (1979-1990). Did you know that before running the country, Maggie was a research chemist and actually invented the chemical that makes soft serve ice cream! So next time you’re having a ’99 from the ice cream man, remember you have good old Margaret Thatcher to thank!

This hilarious, camp, stand up comedy show is based around Margaret Thatcher on the eve of the section 28 proposition vote who gets lost in soho and becomes a cabaret singing sensation! Backed by two dancers, Maggie sings well loved 80’s classic songs in the style of a woman giving a speech in parliament. Matt Tedford embodies the characteristics of Margaret Thatcher hilariously well and obviously feels so comfortable with it, I even saw her in the pub after the show! Matt is extremely quick and clever at picking up on things that are said by audience members and spouting out amusing retorts.

Maggie Queen of Soho has had an impressive journey so far, from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, to Clapham’s Theatre 503 last year and now to selling out the main house at the Leicester Square Theatre. As someone who has never really got too involved with politics, I wasn’t sure how much of the show I would understand but it is very easy to follow (if you know the basics about her) and mashed up well with musical interludes to keep everyone entertained for an hour and a half. I’m definitely now a fan and am looking forward to seeing what Maggie does next.

Reviewed by West End Wilma

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