Maureen Nolan

Singing sensation Maureen Nolan (The Nolans, Footloose) has returned to play the lead role of Mrs Johnstone in Blood Brothers on tour, reprising a role she performed both on tour and at The Phoenix Theatre in the West End.

Maureen took a few minutes out to have Tea With Wilma and talk about the show that she keeps being drawn back to.

Can you tell me about the story of Blood Brothers and what attracted you to the part of Mrs Johnson.

The story is about a woman (Mrs Johnstone) who has seven children and no money and her husband leaves her when she’s expecting her 8th child. She is threatened with having to put the children in care and then discovers she is having twins. She cannot manage another two kids so agrees to give one to the woman she cleans for. The twins grow up with different backgrounds and spookily meet up when they are seven and become Blood Brothers, never knowing the truth that they are actually related.

You went to see Blood Brothers 18 times before you appeared in it. Are there any other musicals that you find yourself going to see again and again?

I went to see The Sound of Music about eighteen times as well. We were all singing with mum and dad around the clubs at that point so the Von Trapps were like us with money (because we didn’t have any)!

Do you have any pre show rituals that you have found yourself getting into?

No, unlike Mrs Johnstone I am not superstitious at all.

If you could be the opposite sex for a day, what theatre character would you like to play?

Well the obvious part for a Blood Brothers stalker is ‘Mickey’. I would love to play George Bailey in ‘Wonderful Life’ and the male lead in Miss Saigon.

Do you have any dream theatre roles you would like to play?

I’m playing my dream theatre role but would love to play ‘Donna’ in Mamma Mia (pure fun), and ‘Norma Desmond’ in Sunset Boulevard.

Have there been any funny/awful moments that have happened to you on stage during your time in Blood Brothers?

Well forgetting lyrics can be funny and awful as can watching someone forget their lines. I have seen cast members fall and slide towards me, and also forget props and not realise until they reach out for it. Funny and awful at the same time.

What theatre show would you like to see make a comeback into the West End and why?

Sunset Boulevard, it’s a great story which has beautiful songs and Mary Poppins, I never got to see it but I heard it was great so would love to!

Which character in Blood brothers do you think you were most like as a child?

I think I was like Eddie as I was quiet and shy with extrovert tendencies.

Thank you for having Tea With Wilma!