Midnight Tango

Rating [rating=4]

Reviewed by Jamie Chapman Dixon

Directed by Karen Bruce
Produced by Arlene Phillips and Adam Spiegel


The highly anticipated return of Midnight Tango to the west end did not disappoint. Produced by Arlene Phillips and Adam Spiegel the show was bound to impress and awe audiences across the board.

As you are taking your seats, the stage is filled with a set which I can only describe as a Latino underground nightspot, with so much going on that you can’t focus on any one thing in particular. As the lights dim in the auditorium, a solo violinist makes her way on stage, closely followed by our very own Laurel and Hardy styled duet in the form of (Rosa) Tricia Deighton and (Carlos) Russel Grant.

Once our slapstick duo have helped set the scene, they slide into the shadows and eagerly await the entrance of the (what I can only call) mesmerising dancers. The stage is alive with Latino music and a dozen beautiful bodies moving as one. We are introduced to our characters and quickly establish that one man is after the affection of one special woman. The only twist in the story is when Ricardo (Leonal Di Cocco) enters in what can only be described as a Quentin Tarantino inspired entrance and attempt to win the affection of our leading lady.

The story line itself doesn’t really exist, apart from a very shady love story intertwined with the quite poetic tale of Russel and Tricia’s love, which is truly believable. The show just about gets away with the non existent story line by the talent on show, including Strictly Come Dancing’s Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace.

If what you want to achieve out of a night in town is to witness phenomenal dancing, beautiful singing and a good old fashioned chuckle, then I would strongly recommend booking a ticket to this mesmerising show.


Approx 1.50 mins including interval
Tickets:  £20 – £90
Mignight Tango plays at London’s Phoenix Theatre until March 2nd 2013

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