Miranda Sings

Wilmas Rating **

When I first heard Miranda Sings was coming to London I had no idea who she was. I looked her up on YouTube (as she is a You Tube sensation) and was equally as confused about what I was watching. I took to Twitter to ask people exactly what this was and found out the ‘point’ of Miranda is that her creator Colleen can sing, but the character is a parody of people who post videos on YouTube can’t.

By the time the show came around, I was actually looking forward to it. I thought it would be fun, having studied both Miranda and Colleens YouTube video channels.

The show started with Colleens boyfriend and co-star in some of her videos, warming up the crowd with some songs before Colleen took to the stage to sing a couple of songs as herself (showing she has a voice). During Defying Gravity, Colleen threw off her shoes and cleverly transformed herself into Miranda, singing whilst smearing red lipstick all around her face and starting to sing out of tune.

The audience of the Leicester Square Theatre was young. Many under 18’s. They loved the show but sadly I couldn’t understand it or find the humour in it. I guess I’m just an old fuddy-duddy who doesn’t understand the youth of today!

Miranda is a You Tube sensation, who’s 40 million viewers must see something amazing that I just don’t understand.

Miranda Sings is performing at the Leicester Square Theatre for the rest of the week and I’m sure it will be a sell out. I suggest anyone over 20 have a few sherries before the show though.