Miss Hope Springs – Hippodrome Casino

Miss-Hope-SpringsMiss Hope Springs has been entertaining the Sunday night crowds of the Hippodrome Casino with her own songs, for the past six months after a previous two year residency at The Crazy Coqs.

Miss Hope Springs is the alter-ego of Ty Jeffries (son of actor/director Lionel Jeffries), a previous top fashion model. Hope is a washed up lounge singer from Las Vegas who tinkles the ivories with her band and croons along to some lovely jazz songs. Vocally she is reminiscent of Liza Minelli, husky and low but with a sweet tone. Her looks is very much Dusty Springfield. Her piano skills are good and she accompanies herself well whilst telling stories. Some of the material does feel a little dated but it does the job it needs to and the audience lap it up. Miss Hope Springs certainly seems to have a fan base who know the songs and cheer when she plays the one they were hoping for.

This show is not going to be for everyone but it is perfect Sunday night entertainment. It doesn’t require anything from you except the willingness to watch and listen. It is like a mental massage of soothing sounds and relaxation. Miss Hope Springs is very much a lounge act and is the perfect accompaniment whilst you eat your dinner or share a bottle of wine.

Reviewed by West End Wilma

Miss Hope Springs next plays at the Hippodrome Casino on 30 July 2015. Click here to book tickets