Misty Chance – Sinderfella


This Christmas, Manchester entertainer, Misty Chance will be playing the role of Sinderfella (the adult UK touring panto) at Manchester’s AXM Theatre. I wanted to find out more about Misty and the show she will be performing in and so we sat down for a little cup of tea and a chat.


Can you tell me about yourself and your career highlights so far?
I started doing Drag outside of the UK but returned in 2005 and decided to carry on (despite being from Burnley, which is hardly known for its glamour). Shortly after, I was part of the team that acquired ‘Guys as Dolls show bar’ (formerly the garden bar) and I would say that our opening night was one of the highlights of my career so far.

The move to Manchester came a couple of years later when I started hosting the game show Blakety Blank. Five years later and Blankety Blank is still happening and is one of the longest running regular nights in the Gay village. Another small highlight was when Kylie Manogue caught wind of my music video to ‘Timebomb’ and Tweeted my name and the link to her fans, you just never know who’s watching you!


How would your friends describe you, in five words or less?
I really suppose it depends in what capacity they know me, as Misty at work or as Christian at home. There’s only one way to find out, so I asked 5 of my closest friends for a word each and this is what they said…
Special (I’m not sure how to take that one!)


Can you tell me about the story of Sinderfella and what people can expect if they come to see the show?
Sinderfella really is the classic Cinderella tale with two huge differences. One is that the Princess of the piece is a fella, unbeknown to the Prince (this is where a lot of the humour comes from) and the second change is that the script if full of crudeness, obscenities and sexual innuendos. All the great characters from the original production still appear, Inc Buttons and the ugly sisters. I would say that the audience will need to be a little openminded and even be prepared to take part, especially when the Ugly Sisters make their first appearance!


What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
This is the most difficult question for me to answer, as I’m simply not a Christmas person, I think mainly because I associate it with being cold, and I really do dislike the cold. The only enjoyable thing, other than it being Panto season is the ridiculous amounts of food that it becomes acceptable for us to cram in to our faces.


If you weren’t playing Sinderfella, what other character in the show would you like to play (male or female)?
Two years previous, I played one of the Ugly Sisters and enjoyed that immensely, partly because its great to be horrible and have a reason for it and partly because of my co-star Dale Vickers who played the other sister was brutal, yet as camp as fairy cakes. Other than going back to one of the Ugly Sisters, there’s the small role of ‘The Voice of the Cock’, he’s sort of like a magic dildo who pops in to advise Sinderfella, he’d be fun to play with!


What will you be asking Santa for this Christmas?
In all honesty, I’ve lost patience with him. I still haven’t used what he got me last year (a cemetery plot) so after working over the busy Christmas period and completing Panto, I’ll take my wages and buy my own bloody gift in the Boxing day sales.


Why should people come and see Sinderfella?
A show like this is always a memorable experience for an audience. It’s a show that has little restrictions on what we can say and the language we use to say it. The cast always have a ball (or two) and in turn, the audience is always more than willing to come along for the ride. It certainly isn’t your traditional Panto experience, yet manages to keep that high camp factor and doesn’t take itself too serious. If I wasn’t in it, I would be in the audience!


Thank you for having Tea With Wilma


See Misty Chance perform in Sinderfella at the Manchester AXM Theatre this December. You can also see other people playing the role when the show travels to Birmingham and London. For tickets click here

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