Music Box – The Improvised Musical

Wilma’s Rating: [rating=2]

Where:Shaw Theatre, London

How Much: £15.50

How long: 1hr 15mins (no interval)

Running until: 5th August 2012

Music Box is the first show I went to see as part of the 2012 Camden Fringe Festival. A made up, on the spot musical, hidden away in the Kings Cross Shaw Theatre.It’s not easy to review an improvised show because every performance is totally different.

It takes a very confident actor to be able to stand up in front of a room full of people and ask them to shout out random words that they will then turn into an hour long musical, thought up on the spot.

The show I saw was decided to be set in the Amazon Rainforest and was to feature Margaret Thatchers Vagina!

It was funny at times but equally cringe-worthy at others. The singing was amateur but praise must be given to these people for being able to stand up and make something out of nothing, on the spot.

When the show finished, many people were saying they wanted to stay to watch the later performance that evening, just to see how different it would be. The concept of the show is intriguing and something everyone should see once. It is the type of theatre you will either love or hate. Unfortunately, I struggled to see it as a piece of theatre and nothing more than a school performance.