Original British Musical ARE YOU AS NERVOUS AS I AM? comes to Greenwich Theatre

The world premiere of Are You As Nervous As I Am? takes place at Greenwich Theatre from 01 – 23 October 2022.

One of the first original British musicals coming out after lockdown – this plucky and heart-warming new show tells the story of two strong and unique sisters.

The story follows the journey of two sisters – Peggy and Janet – in their search for happiness. Fighting against their mother’s dysfunctional behaviour, they are forced apart to pursue lives away from their home in Wales.

Peggy sings. However, she is never propelled by a drive to become famous but instead to break unhealthy childhood patterns, find independence and build the loving family she always wanted. Janet struggles with her own demons, striving for the courage and support to live a truer and more honest life.

Set against the background of a century in flux, when the sisters reconnect, they are gradually empowered to positively transform their lives

With a multi award-winning creative team, Are You As Nervous As I Am? is written by Simon Spencer, with music by Leighton James House and lyrics by Shaun McKenna.

Are You As Nervous As I Am? is a strong female-driven story of empowerment: touching on disability, sexuality, abuse and race, with memorable characters and powerful original songs. The production stars Katie Elin-Salt in the role of Peggy, the young and impressionable girl with a passion for singing, and Emma Thornett as Janet, the runaway sister in search of a more honest life. Further casting will be announced shortly.