Last chance to see BIANCO in the Big Top at London’s Southbank Centre

You have just a few weeks to go to enjoy NoFit State Circus’ breathtaking hit show BIANCO before the UK’s leading circus company bring the house lights up in its silver spaceship Big Top at London’s Southbank Centre on Sunday 22 January 2017.

A promenade experience unlike any other, BIANCO combines innovative rigging with counter-weighting techniques, taking place above, behind and all around the audience, in an up-close and all-consuming theatrical spectacular.

BIANCO breaks down the boundaries between artist and audience, immersing them in an intimate world of breath-taking and powerful performances, accompanied by an electrifying live band with an eclectic original score. Rather than relying on a linear narrative, BIANCO takes the audience on a journey of individual interpretation, creating a unique experience for all spectators. Music, costumes, props, lighting and design combine to influence the action as much as the story, creating a personal experience that is engaging and accessible for all ages.

Bringing together some of the most talented international circus performers with a diverse range of skills, the company of BIANCO includes Lyndall Merry (Head Rigger/Performer), Joachim Aussibal, Junior Barbosa, François Bouvier, Edd Casey, Delia Ceruti, Topher Dagg, August Dakteris, Jani Foldi, Enni Lymi, Felipe Nardiello, Jess O’Connor, Danilo de Campos Pacheco, Ella Rose, Blaze Tarsha, Lee Tinnion, Cecilia Zucchetti, and musicians Matt Collins, Doug Kemp, Annette Loose, and Andy Moore.