New British Musical SNOWFLAKE Premieres with innovative Visual EP
August 6, 2020  //  By:   //  News  //  Comments are off

A brand new musical from actor/writer Lewis Cornay has just launched with an innovative visual EP.

Snowflake is a fast paced, kaleidoscopic musical which explores the tricky nature of sexual identity in a world obsessed with labels. The piece follows a group of twenty-somethings navigating the complexities of millennial life from open relationships to monogamy, virtue signalling to avocados. The musical challenges the box that you and society put yourself in, and asks how we can rewrite our narrative, when society seems so intent on controlling the parameters.

The musical is a fifteen minute visual EP created by Lewis Cornay & producer/video director Matt Powell.

The visual EP stars Emma Lucia, Adam Bailey & Lawrence Smith in featured roles, and features cameos from Rob Houchen, Grace Mouat, Julie Atherton & Caroline Kay.