All Broadway Theatres shut down for at least a month due to Coronavirus

It has been announced by the New York City Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, that as of 5pm (New York time) today, all Broadway theatres over 500 people capacity, will be closed down for a minimum of one month, due to safety concerns over the spread of the Coronavirus.

Something like this has not been seen on Broadway since the 2007 strikes by theatre workers (which lasted nineteen days) and even during the events of 9/11, theatres were only closed for two days.

This news comes the day after a Broadway Usher was diagnosed with the virus.

So will the West End be forced to follow suit in the coming days and weeks? Such decisions will surely not be taken lightly but due to safety reasons and to contain the virus that is spreading, London may be left with no choice but to do so.

The consequences of this will be huge could see many shows close due to lack of funds as if there are no shows there are no audiences buying tickets and theatre rentals may still need to be paid.

I am shocked and saddened for the entire Broadway community, especially the Broadway transfer of SIX the Musical which was due to have its Press Night tonight.

Stay safe everyone.