Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and place blame where it doesn’t belong around Coronavirus

Bit harsh of Sky News this morning to release an article titled “Jason Manford refuses to pull out of touring musical show as he says ‘a lot of people’ are financially dependent on it continuing”.

Jason Manford is currently on tour with the Musical Curtains but fans online have been criticising him for not cancelling the tour during the Coronavirus pandemic currently happening around the world.

Jason released a statement on Twitter explaining that it really isn’t his decision and he is doing the job he is contracted to do. He also explained that if “I decided to not go to Leicester on Monday say, the show would still go on as I have an understudy.”

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and start placing blame where it doesn’t belong.

Until producers make the tough decision to cancel theatre productions (which will put hundreds of people out of work) or the UK government put a ban in place for gatherings of large numbers of people (like the rest of the world have already done), lets not go on a witch hunt and blame actors for decisions they have no say over.