We may be leaving Europe, but we’ll never leave Eurovision

Eurovision Spectacular at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe with the support of OGAE UK

Here are the results from the UK…

The Orgnisation Générale des Amatuers de l’Eurovision UK (OGAE UK) are delighted to announce their support for Eurovision musical comedy Douze at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and will be hosting a gala night at the theatre on Saturday 12 August for all Edinburgh & Scottish based Eurovision fans.

OGAE International is a network of 45 Eurovision Fan clubs from around the world. With over 10,000 members it works with the European Broadcasting Union to promote the Eurovision Song Contest. The UK branch (OGAE UK) helps promote the past, present and future of the Eurovision Song Contest – the world’s largest and most popular music television event.

OGAE UK and Douze are delighted to be hosting a Eurovision Fan Club gala night on Saturday 15 August giving Eurovision fans a chance to meet up, take part in the show, then party like it’s 1996 and Katrina & the Waves are winning it for the UK again. Fans can find out more information about the gala night on the OGAE UK website.

Eurovision fans from around the globe and around the corner are invited to see Xnthony and The Penny Slots make (another) Eurovision comeback in this loveable poptastic comedy that’s guaranteed to leave you in stitches.

President of the UK’s biggest Eurovision fan club, OGAE UK, Alasdair Rendall, said:
“We’re delighted to be supporting this smash-hit musical at the Edinburgh Fringe, we’re sure it’ll be loved by Eurovision fans everywhere.”

“We’re also excited that there will be a gala night for Eurovision fans from Scotland and around the world to meet up and, quite simply, have a Euro-tastic night out!”

Douze is a new comedy musical about the wannabe stars trying to represent their country at Europe’s greatest song competition. With infuriatingly catchy songs and frankly dangerous dance routines, it’s the perfect antidote for anyone sad about Brexit. We may be leaving Europe, but we’ll never leave Eurovision.