DREAMGIRLS star Durone Stokes aims to engage youngsters into the theatre with reimagined song from the show

Durone Stokes made his West End debut, playing C.C White in the award-winning production of Dreamgirls at London’s Savoy Theatre.

Inspired by the recent innovation of The Greatest Showman Reimagined, he has composed a re-inspiration of one of his main songs from the show ‘Family’.

Working with producer Byron Hosking, he has given the song a fresh interpretation using modern instrumentation, while still honouring the song’s Gospel roots.

According the The Stage: “A study of 2,000 18 to 30-year-olds found that 24% of respondents said they never attend theatre performances, with this figure higher among men than women.”

Durone believes that the reimagining of musical theatre repertoire can help to engage young adults with the theatre world, to which they may feel alien to, and instead encourage a feeling of ownership.

Have a listen!


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