17 year old launches funding campaign for new Anime Musical ETERNALLY YOURS

Eternally Yours is a brand new musical by the emerging 17-year old musical theatre librettist/ composer/lyricist/performer and artist Charli Eglinton. It began as a manga-esque graphic novel. The musical is to be Directed by Adam Morley and Choreographed by Ste Clough.

Sir Tim Rice has described Charli as “Outstanding Talent” who he “Firmly believes deserves support.

Set in the 1930s, highlighting the conflict of science and spirituality, young scientist, Raul De Laune’s life is turned upside down when his brother, Olivier, is found murdered one night with no trace of injury or indication of method.

It’s up to Raul, his research assistant, Em, a clairvoyant, Clarise, and two flunky private detectives, Walter and Finn, to get to the bottom of it, and quickly discover they’re getting involved in something a lot more than just a murder… Raul discovers Olivier had undergone some secret research which goes horribly wrong, trying to bring a girl, Ayame, back to life, missing a vital part…her soul. Her reawakened spirit, in the form of a soul eating wolf, begins causing chaos in the city by taking people’s souls, and creating more soul eating wolves. Raul is falsely accused by the police for being the one behind it. He must clear his name and put his trust in spirituality to put a stop to the wolves and hopefully learn the truth about his brother.

The project is currently in its 3rd draft and is already being described as game changing theatre with the creation of a brand new sub-genre within musical theatre. Not just creating an Anime show for Anime fans that contains songs, we are merging the two genres to create something brand new that will appeal to hard-core Anime / Manga fans as well as your traditional and typical theatre going, musical loving crowd.

Check it out https://www.gofundme.com/eternallyyoursmusical