Full cast announced for live filmed production of ‘Gatsby A Musical’

The socially-distanced revival of Gatsby A Musical is to be filmed at Cadogan Hall to streamed online from 26 to 28 February 2021.

The production will star Jodie Steele as Daisy Buchanan, alongside Liam Doyle as Tom Buchannan, and Joe Frost as George Wilson.

They will be joining the previously announced Ross William Wild in the titular role, and West End Wilma award winner Emma Williams as Myrtle Wilson.

Also in the cast are Blake Patrick Anderson, Chanice Alexander-Burnett, Lauren Chinery, Robert Grose, Oliver Mawdsley, and Tristan Pegg.

Adapted by director Linnie Reedman, and with music and lyrics by Joe Evans, this unmissable
piece brings F Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel to life for a semi-staged concert experience.

Vibrant characters, popped corks, and infectious rhythms collide with personal conflicts and lost
loves in this tragedy of the vanishing jazz era.

When Daisy Buchanan revisits Jay Gatsby’s mansion seven years after leaving that world behind,
she is trying to confront her past by reliving the dream she shared with Gatsby. But where is he?
With themes of loss, disappointment and ultimately hope for a better tomorrow, Gatsby, is
surprisingly resonant with the ‘roaring twenties’ we find ourselves in once again.

Due to availability, previously announced cast members Marc Antolin, Marc Rhys, and Charlotte
Wakefield, will no longer be involved in the concert revival.