Dark thriller A GIRL IN SCHOOL UNIFORM (WALKS INTO A BAR) comes to London

It’s the future. But only slightly. There are blackouts. No one knows what’s causing them, but that doesn’t stop people going missing in them.

The London premiere of pastiche dystopian thriller A Girl In School Uniform (Walks Into A Bar) will take place at the New Diorama Theatre  30 January – 17 February 2018.

Set in an unsettling and elusively dystopian near future, Steph and Bell live in a time where uncertainty is everywhere, and violence against women is rife; murders and disappearances are rife.

So, when their friend goes missing, they must do all they can to get her back before it’s too late.

A Girl In School Uniform (Walks Into A Bar) is written and directed by Lulu Raczka and Ali Pidsley (NOTHING, Some People Talk About Violence), a highly rated duo with a Sunday Times Playwrighting Award and Buzz Goodbody Award for Directing to their name.

Lulu Raczka’s dark, compelling tale deals with relationships between women and systematic abuses of gender power to create a surreal yet highly recognisable story about crisis, friendship and hope, while director Ali Pidsley’s highly stylised dystopia pastiche plunges audiences into darkness both figuratively and literally.


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