Edinburgh Fringe Show HOME Created For Audiences With Learning Disabilities

Following their sell-out 2016 Fringe debut with The Forest, Frozen Light return to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with Home, their latest bold and exciting production, devised specifically for audiences with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD).

Exploring a new and unknown world, Home immerses audiences with PMLD in a multi-sensory story of discovery. Frozen Light devised this accessible and inclusive production especially for teenagers and adults with PMLD. For many in the audience this will be their first time in a theatre venue.

The play follows Scarlet and Olive in a world that is not how they remember it. Where are they now and where is their home? The pair must learn how to survive and create a future together in an environment that is full of surprises. Will the stars shine on this unexpected friendship? And how will they face the challenges that lie ahead?

Performing to up to 12 people – six people with disabilities, each supported by a companion – the three-strong cast greets the audience at the entrance, gently leading them into the performance space, ensuring a smooth transition into the theatre environment. Inside, one-to-one interactions between cast and audience include singing directly to each audience member and providing props to be touched. The production incorporates live music specifically composed to highlight the emotional narrative and multi-sensory elements of the story.

Frozen Light launched in 2013 as a response to the fact that arts venues rarely cater for audiences with complex disabilities. Those with PMLD have more than one disability. The most significant is a profound learning disability and all people who have PMLD will have great difficulty communicating. Many have additional sensory or physical disabilities, complex health needs or mental health difficulties.

Home plays at Pleasance Courtyard, Beyond (Venue 23) 21-28 August 2017