The Hunting Of The Snark visit London’s Cutty Sark!

Based on a poem by Lewis Carroll, one of Britain’s most enduring and beloved children’s writers, The Hunting of the Snark opens at Vaudeville Theatre on 28 July.

The story follows a gang of bold adventurers as they set of on one of the greatest boat journeys in children’s literature. Yesterday the cast visited the famous Cutty Sark to celebrate the show’s West End debut.

Check out these pictures by Alastair Muir

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All aboard! The ship is departing! All children, animals and silly people welcome!

The impossible voyage of an improbable crew to hunt an imaginary creature is brought magically to life in this sparkling musical comedy adventure for 4 to 94 year olds.

Enter the imaginative world of Alice in Wonderland creator, Lewis Carroll, in this brand new, highly original, ultra-modern adaptation inspired by his beloved classic poem.

This show features five high-energy actors, a life-like puppet, fantastical characters, and lashings of daft humour.

A riotous ragtag gang of bold adventurers including The Boy, The Banker, The Butcher, The Baker, The Bellman and The Knitting Beaver set off on a quest to catch the mythical Snark… on the journey they encounter the Jub Jub Bird, the sly Bandersnatch and the dastardly Boojum… Can a Snark be caught with soap? Will the Beaver escape the hungry Butcher’s clutches? Will the Baker remember his name? Does anyone know what a Snark actually looks like?

Side-splittingly funny, joyful, fast-paced and bursting with a soundtrack of witty songs by an award winning songwriter, The Hunting of the Snark will delight, excite and entertain.

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