I AM OF IRELAND – a new play about Northern/Southern Irish sectarianism comes to London

I AM OF IRELAND, an exciting new play by one of Ireland’s most perceptive writers, Seamus Finnegan comes to the Old Red Lion Theatre,  5 – 30 June 2018. Directed by Ken McClymont, the play examines the state of a divided nation and Ireland’s increasingly important role in Europe.

‘A hundred thousand welcomes!’ But is the myth of open-hearted Ireland which her sons, daughters and visitors love, gone? Humour remains, sectarianism declines but racist violence is on the up –ask the new black priest Father Flannagan. As faith and idealism wane can Catholic Mary, Republican Dominic or Loyalist Derek still believe now, now, NOW?

For some in Ireland, immigration and the border between the North and South have replaced sectarianism as central issues needing discussion. As a result, aggressive, passionate personalities may intrude on those who want only calm, peace and generosity. But, I AM OF IRELAND strives to remind us that there is still compassion and understanding in Ireland.

Through multiple storylines, the characters explore and examine the loss of religious faith, the disillusionment of Irish Republican ideals, the confusion of the Roman Catholic Church and the self-destruction of Ulster Loyalism.


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