In Conversation With Graham Norton comes to The Hope Theatre

What do you do when nothing in your life makes sense, when all your thoughts seem insane and you have nobody to talk to?

Mark (Jay Parsons) is finding life tough and isolating so the decision is easy. He’s going to chat to Graham Norton. He might even chat to Graham about the incident with the cat.

Graham is easy to talk to.
Graham talks to people as a profession.
Graham is just a photo.

Mark has decided to he would rather talk to a picture of Graham Norton than any of his friends or family about his boldest dreams, concerns about sex, sexuality, his family and his school life. He has overheard Graham Norton on his parents’ radio and he imagines himself on that chat show. He spills his anxieties and fantasies and imagines the response that he might get.

With eye watering candour and refreshing wit, Perrott’s play explores a young man’s first foray into his sexuality, and delves inside the bizarre world that is a teenager’s head.

Jasper Plays presents this look at what it’s like to feel totally alone in the modern world, and where this loneliness can lead you. This debut play by Simon Perrott is as emotional as it is hilarious.

In Conversation With Graham Norton plays at The Hope Theatre 8 to 26 January 2019.

Please note, Graham Norton does not star in this production!


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