Love is an open door – the UK’s largest theatre fan club MTAS launch a safe place to chat

MTAS opens its doors for a chat

MTAS launches it’s new safe space in the form of an anonymously handled email account The Musical Theatre Appreciation Society (MTAS) is the UKs largest fan hub. With over 46,000 musical fans on their Facebook page alone, the creative team saw an increase in members contacting simply in need of a chat.


‘It feels like nobody stops for a chat anymore, we all seem to be passing through each other and existing in the same space. I am glad to offer a safe space to rant, vent, chat and offload without fear of judgement. Since opening our doors, we have had loads of people stop by for a chat. A member of the team is available to anyone within 48 hours. All emails remain anonymous’. Willy, MTAS Marketing Director.

Members can request for emails to be forwarded on to specific MTAS creatives. The Open Door team will assess and act accordingly. If you are in need of a chat feel free to contact the MTAS Open Door Team today.

Twitter: @MTAS_Official
Insta: @MTAS_Official
Facebook: The Musical Theatre Appreciation Society


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