(NO) LEAVES ON MY PRECIOUS SELF explores the life of an emerging actor

(NO) LEAVES ON MY PRECIOUS SELF takes the audience through the mind and daily life of an emerging actor. It explores the fascinating touch of madness a career in performing arts often offers, as well as its challenges and pitfalls. Beautifully moving between physical theatre, musical theatre and spoken word pieces, the show offers a light-hearted but deep and thought-provoking night of entertainment.

‘What a crazy paradox there is. The industry that is based on pure beauty, whether it is the beauty of people’s minds, if one writes; people’s hands, if one paints, or plays a musical instrument; people’s selves, souls, thoughts, talents, auras, energies, makes you yourself feel so ugly. Creating that beauty in any way, serving it to others, you crush your own soul, spit on it, mould it, destroy it with mind-eating doubts, hesitations, and self-beating. It celebrates flaws and imperfections, but almost never forgives you your own.’

After graduating in BA (Hons) Theatre Studies, Kate Fabray, a firm believer in creating her own career opportunities, collaborated with a British director Dan Pickard on turning her final degree performance into a short film, named ‘The Allure de Moi’. The film was received very well, and got good reviews.

(No) Leaves On My Precious Self is Kate’s debut in playwriting, and as a theatre director, and transfers to the King’s Head Theatre October 8th-13th following a successful production at The Drayton Arms Theatre.


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