ORANGES & INK – a new play about Nell Gwyn and Aphra Behn comes to Tristan Bates Theatre

A new play, Oranges & Ink by Claire Louise Amias, about the real-life friendship between two fearless female libertines, Nell Gwyn and Aphra Behn, opens at Tristan Bates Theatre on Wednesday 27 March 2019 for nine evening performances (excluding Sundays and Mondays), closing on Saturday 6 April.

Aphra Behn and Nell Gwyn were good friends. One of them the first professional female writer and the other an actress turned royal courtesan, they helped each other find success, despite humble beginnings.

Oranges & Ink takes place at a time when fake news about a ‘Popish Plot’ to kill the King is being used to stir up anti-Catholic feelings. When the public seem more interested in the theatre of politics than in the actual playhouses, how is Aphra to continue making a living from her plays?

And what will happen to Nell if the King dies? Can she go back to the stage?


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