All women and non-binary Drag King collective comes to Soho Theatre

Pecs Drag Kings are ready to dust off their crowns and serve their chosen family some much needed queer joy. From the UK’s award-winning, all women and non-binary Drag King collective comes a new show filled with slick dances, sexy lip-syncs and a serving of the royal treatment we all deserve.

A celebration of queerness, liberation and empowerment, The Boys Are Back In Town for six nights with their signature middle finger up to the gender binary. Pecs step out onto Soho Theatre’s main stage for the first time from 30 August – 4 September 2021.

Filling that hole where the visceral response to live entertainment once lived, Pecs Drag Kings make a welcome return to the stage to hold audiences safely in their metaphorical manly chests with a night of swoon worthy cabaret.

Pecs Drag Kings are an all-women & non-binary theatre and cabaret company who’ve been creating critically acclaimed shows for the LGBTQ+ community since 2013. Through their drag king cabarets and theatre shows, they explore gender identities, politics & sexuality, to create cultural space for queer women, trans* & non-binary folk.

This is the delicious and subversive world of drag outside of RuPaul’s Drag Race where the kings continue to propel their essential part of the scene forward. Pecs Drag Kings shows are sexy, raucous and highly entertaining, using songs, dances and comedy to celebrate inclusivity, queerness & community.

The cast includes: Izzy Aman performed by Isabel Adomakoh Young; Scott Free performed by Rosie Potts; John Travulva performed by Jodie Mitchell; Thrustin Limbersnake performed by Lauren Steele; Mr Golden Balls performed by Helena Fallstrom; Loose Willis performed by Katy Bulmer and Victor Victorious performed by Vic Aubrey. The Boys Are Back In Town has been created by Pecs and produced by Daisy Hale and Ellen Spence.

And for those not quite ready to return to live performance just yet, despite a quiet year of empty stages, the Pecs team have remained busy throughout with the release of The Drag King Cast at the end of 2020. Best buds and Pecs cast members Loose Willis and John Travulva host a brand new comedy-cum-queer-culture podcast that delves into all things Drag King. The first of its kind, the weekly show features interviews with the best Drag Kings on the scene, dipping into queer history, sex and fashion through the ages.