Brexit inspired play PEOPLE LIKE US premieres at the Union Theatre

Brexit…it’s the first thing in ages that’s actually made me FEEL something. So BIG – yet so personal. Visceral, even…

This autumn, Emmy-winning writer Julie Burchill (Sugar Rush; Ambition) and acclaimed journalist and writer Jane Robins (Rebel Queen; White Bodies) bring the world premiere of their debut play People Like Us to the Union Theatre. Looking at how politics and Brexit have invaded conversations, Burchill and Robins ask the question – can we only ever really be friends with people like us?

Set in a North London book club, People Like Us follows five friends as they find themselves discussing the unavoidable topic of Brexit. In the two years since the vote to leave, endless discussion has all but eradicated any middle ground. What remains is opposing views and the arguments which have strained relationships between husband and wife, brother and sister, parent and child – and friends.

Although written in support of the Leave campaign, People Like Us will uniquely provide an argument for both sides of the debate. With theatre and the arts predominantly representing a single view of Brexit, this nuanced look presents the politics and views of both sides.

How far would you go to save your closest friendships from being pulled apart by political beliefs? This is the question these friends must answer as the fight for the future of Europe becomes a domestic battleground of secrets and lies. In this London book club, the personal and the political clash and implode.

Julie Burchill comments, Brexit has fascinated me more than any other political phenomenon of recent decades – and having the chance to write this play with the brilliant Jane Robins has truly been the icing on the Victory Cake. As a hardcore Brexiteer, I’m extremely curious as to what will happen and very much hope that People Like Us will add to the lively discussion around this topic.

Jane Robins adds, Since Brexit, people seem to be dropping their friends with surprising alacrity. It’s not only the political arguments causing the damage – it’s also the thrill of condemnation and shunning, of pointing fingers at old friends and expelling them from your society. That’s our subject-matter – Julie and I have had tremendous fun with it.

People Like Us by Julie Burchill and Jane Robins plays at Union Theatre, 204 Union Street, London SE1 0LX Tuesday 2nd October – Saturday 20th October 2018, 7.30pm.


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