Service Dog mistakes CATS actor for a real cat and chases her offstage

At a Broadway performance of Andrew Lloyd Webbers hit Musical Cats this week, a service dog got a little over excited at the start of the show and ran away from its owner and chased one of the actors off stage, mistaking it for a real cat.

Actress Mackenzie Warren, who plays¬†Bombalurina in the show, was targeted by the pooch during the opening number ‘Jellicle Cats’ which sees the cats of actors dressed as cats parade around the audience before finally taking to the stage to start the show.

This was apparently the first time a dog has come in to contact with one of the Cats actors and neither party were harmed. Mackenzie Warren must be a fabulous actress to even fool a dog in to thinking she was a real cat so well done her!

Cats the Musical is currently in its last four weeks of shows on Broadway.