Jonny Woo and Alexis Gregory to star in SEX/CRIME at The Glory

In a fractured and divided city, two men meet to recreate the killings of a famous gay serial killer – for their own pleasure…and the right price.

“Everything else is tumbling down
Falling apart
But not you and me
You and me are going to hold tight
You and me are just right”

Sex/Crime, written for The Glory, a Queer and alternative East End nightlife spot and performance mecca, and funded by Arts Council England, is a challenging new play that explores sex, violence, language, fear and queerness.

Sex/Crime stars celebrated performance artist Jonny Woo and acclaimed playwright Alexis Gregory (SLAP and SAFE) who also wrote it.

Sex/Crime, directed by Robert Chevara, will play at The Glory, 281 Kingsland Road, London E2 8AS, from Monday April 9 – Saturday 28 April

A series of post-show Q&A’s, talks and events exploring Sex/Crime and its themes will run alongside the play.

Photo Steve Kraitt


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