Newspaper for young Nigerians claims Seyi Omooba says “I shouldn’t be punished for my homophobia, I was born this way” – the internet newspaper for young Nigerians,  have released an article about Seyi Omooba titled “I shouldn’t be punished for my homophobia, I was born this way”.

Writer Bernard Dayo has published a statement, apparently from Seyi’s publicist saying:
”I was born this way, homophobia is a natural reaction to homosexuality which is an aberration. I want to thank the casting agents, the referrals and everyone involved that led up to me being cast as Celie in The Colour Purple, Frank Collins, Susan Hawthorne, Gina Balogun, thank you. I still stand by my Facebook post from 2014. Nothing has changed.” is the only website reporting this statement (it doesn’t look like anything has officially been released from Seyi Omooba) and so exactly where this information has come from is unknown and the website itself doesn’t look particularly reputable.

So, before jumping to conclusions and further hating on Seyi Omooba online (which many people seem to have already started to do), let’s wait and see if she releases an official statement, or corroborates this one.


UPDATE 1. Seyi Omooba has broken her social media silence this morning by commenting on this article saying:
“The article posted yesterday by Bernard Dayo on ,( )regarding a statement made by me is false, I have no publicist, I have made no recent statement. I have no idea who these people are. This is false information.”

Hopefully Seyi will make an official statement at some point to justify her original comments and whether she still stands by them (as so many people want to know).

UPDATE 2. Author of the article Bernard Dayo has since tweeted in response to the article “it’s satire!” (the use of humour, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.)

How a website like can get away with printing full made up lies I do not know and it is unfair to Seyi, who has already suffered enough with online abuse – what ever her views.

UPDATE 3. The original article on the website has now been updated to say “This post is clearly satirical and shouldn’t be taken seriously”.<

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