Japanese adaptation of Shakespeare’s Othello, AINU OTHELLO, comes to London

Tara Theatre today announce their international summer season (June-August 2019), featuring a breadth of work from across the globe. The season includes theatre, poetry, concerts and comedy with performances in English, French, Urdu and Japanese.

Tara is an award-winning multicultural theatre in London, home to a world of stories, from the classic to the new. Audiences are invited to step through the Indian front door into a world of colour, where the small is global. The theatre’s 100 plush seats surround an earth floor for artists to weave their magic upon.

The Shakespeare Company Japan’s adaptation of Othello, Ainu Othello will play 7-10 August 2019. Performed in Japanese, the production provides a rare opportunity to see how Shakespeare remains a contemporary chronicler of human prejudices in another part of the globe.

It is 1860, in the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. Othello is an Ainu, one of the indigenous people of northern Japan. He falls in love with a Japanese woman and is betrayed by a friend (Iago) of mixed Ainu and Japanese heritage. Ainu Othello is adapted by Kazumi Shimodate, Artistic Director of The Shakespeare Company Japan. This spectacular production has been staged in Sendai, Tokyo, and Sapporo, opening powerful discussions about discrimination faced by the Ainu, and the prospects for new relationships in the modern era.


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