Anna-Jane Casey to star in STAGES – a video game musical
February 19, 2020  //  By:   //  News  //  Comments are off

Anna-Jane Casey, Andrew Langtree, Max Alexander-Taylor and Aitch Wylie are to star in the world premiere of brand new musical Stages which comes to VAULT Festival this March.

The musical is written and composed by Christian Czornyj and directed by Adam Lenson.

Aiden is sixteen, autistic and loves video games. They can be repeated, mastered and controlled. But what happens if the game starts to glitch? In this interactive video game musical the audience take control and help Aiden navigate Stages.

Playable characters include Ellie, Aiden’s sibling, who’s stuck deciding on which avatar to select, Owen, Aiden’s dad, who hovers over the restart button and Alice, Aiden’s mum, who faces her greatest challenge, the final boss.

Featuring an original electronic 8-bit soundtrack and arcade style graphics, Stages examines what happens when the code of our lives is rewritten and the way the digital world interacts with our own. It is a bold new British musical that has to be played to be experienced.