Stuart Saint brings his autobiographical gig theatre piece MISFIT WARRIOR to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Acclaimed writer and performer Stuart Saint presents his autobiographical gig theatre piece Misfit Warrior for the first time at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (2-10 & 12-24 August 2019 at The Space @ North Bridge, Argyll Theatre).

On world Aids Day 2017, Stuart Saint posted a video declaring his HIV positive status, which quickly went viral. Unwittingly, he soon found himself inundated with messages from people in similar circumstances thanking him for his honesty and bravery. Shortly after his diagnosis, his HIV led to aggressive cancer, and his life-saving chemotherapy treatment culminated in causing a life-long chronic illness. Through the turmoil of these huge, life-changing circumstances, Saint found himself battling with financial difficulties, body issues, depression and suicidal thoughts. Yet, against all the odds, Saint has come out stronger, braver and more hopeful about what lies ahead.

Now, Saint’s experiences come together in this bold new show challenging what it means to be a misfit. Misfit Warrior, heading to the Space on North Bridge for the full festival has been described as a ‘musical TED Talk’, it’s a multi-discipline piece that features synth, dance and New Romantic music influenced by the likes of Bowie, Depeche Mode and the Scissor Sisters. Exploring LGBT+ issues, mental health and male suicide awareness, Misfit Warrior could not be more relevant to the struggles millions face today. Saint’s show is determined to show its audience that to be a misfit can mean being strong, resilient and powerful. With its cast of three, Misfit Warrior explores the push and pull within all of us between light and dark, yin and yang, as we try to make sense of our world and grapple with our inner demons. Saint’s writing and the show’s actors deftly blends light and dark to explore how it is possible to overcome even the most impossible of circumstances in this raw, powerful and ultimately uplifting story.


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