1930’s Thriller TAKE ME HOME: HORROR WITHIN to open in January 2018

Take Me Home: Horror Within, will run at the Broadway Barking, Mezzanine Level, from Tuesday 16th to Sunday 21st January 2018.

Take me Home: Horror Within is a spine-tingling thriller set in the 1930s which tells the story of a young man, Jacob Ward, who views a house for sale in a deserted village in the south of England. During his visit, Jacob is subjected to a variety of hauntings, as the story plays out in full 360 degrees around the audience.

This production of Take Me Home: Horror Within will be written and directed by Lee Lewin, and invites audiences to take a seat in the drawing room of Chesterton House. Here, as night draws in, Horror Within tells a story that will leave audiences fearing the shadows that lurk in the dark. Objects move, lights fail and horror comes to life in this scary, spine-tingling new production.

Stephen Freeman for Freeman & English said today: “This is an important piece of work as it will be completely immersive, our aim being to bring different, fresh forms of theatre to audiences. I hope that audiences will take away a greater responsibility of the themes that the play explores.”

Take Me Home: Horror Within debuts at the Broadway Barking on Tuesday 16th January 2018 and runs until Sunday 21st January 2018 with a total of 40 performances. Tickets cost £17 for Adults, and £14 for Students and Concessions. Full performance listings can be found here