THE UNFRIEND transfers to the Criterion Theatre


Playing at the Criterion Theatre 15 January – 16 April 2023

Chichester Festival Theatre’s critically acclaimed, sold out production of Steven Moffat’s riotous and effortlessly entertaining comedy The Unfriend will transfer to the Criterion Theatre, from 15 January until 16 April 2023.

Directed by Mark Gatiss, the full original cast reunite for the West End transfer, featuring Reece Shearsmith (Inside No.9), Amanda Abbington (Sherlock) and Frances Barber (Silk) with Michael Simkins, Marcus Onilude, Gabriel Howell and Maddie Holliday.

While on holiday Peter and Debbie befriend Elsa: a lusty, Trump-loving widow from Denver, USA. She’s less than woke but kind of wonderful. They agree to stay in touch – because no one ever really does, do they?

When Elsa invites herself to stay a few months later, they decide to look her up online. Too late, they learn the truth about Elsa Jean Krakowski. Deadly danger has just boarded a flight to London! What began as a casual holiday friendship is now a threat to the lives of their children.

Peter and Debbie now face the ultimate challenge of the modern world – how do you protect all that you love from mortal peril without seeming a bit impolite?

Because guess who’s coming… to MURDER.