Theatre: What’s on in Paris

Since moving to Paris, I’ve found it incredibly difficult to find blogs or websites that list all of the upcoming theatre productions here. At least, any in English that give enough detail. I’ve also been asked by several people who are planning trips to Paris, what is on and what they should go to see.

So whilst this isn’t by any means a full list of shows coming up, I thought it would be helpful (for me if no one else) to create a list of what I consider to be the most interesting looking, upcoming productions.

Grease le Musical (Grease the Musical) is on at the Theatre Mogador until 8 July (read my review here) and is half in French and half in English. A bit hard to get your head around unless you are good with both languages but so long as you know the story it’s fun enough.

Le Bodyguard (The Bodyguard) is on at the Palais Des Sports until 18 March before it continues its tour around France. Songs are in English and the dialogue is in French. Read my review here

Hairspray the Musical opens on 14 March at Les Folies Bergere (until 15 April) and you can get 50% off tickets here 

Harold et Maude (Harold and Maude) is playing at the Theater of the Sword of Wood – Cartoucherie until March 25. Although the production is in French, it is of interest because an English production is also running in London at the moment starring Sheila Hancock.

Les Adventures De Tom Sawyer (The Adventures of Tom Sawyer) is playing, daytimes, at the Theatre Mogador until 6 May.

Priscilla Folle Du Desert (Priscilla Queen of the Desert) plays most weekends at the Paris Casino (until 7 April). More details here 

Shen Yun is at the Palais des Congrès 6 April – 6 May. The show recently played in London and is an immersive journey to the distant past and realms of China. Combining the expressive art form of classical Chinese dance, gorgeous orchestral works, brilliant costumes, and innovative effects to bring you an unparalleled theatrical experience.

A French play called Les Faux British at Théâtre Saint Georges which I know nothing about but if your french is any good that’s a option! It looks like a farce about the British! Running until 12 May.

Desperate Housemen (like Desperate Housewives but men and French) looks quite fun and is on at Le Grand Point Virgule until 2 June.

English comedian Paul Taylor is hilarious (check him out on YouTube). He is doing a show at La Nouvelle Eve until 31 March which is half English and half French and I think is about his observations of the French whilst living in France.

Aladin at the Theatre du Palais Royal is on until 5 Jan 2019 so loads of time for that one. Looks like a cheap panto version of Aladdin from what I can see but at least everyone knows the story!

Adrien en Anglettere (Adrian in England) looks like a fun romp through a French man’s experience when visiting the UK. It’s playing at the Variety Theater until 29 April.

And then in September we have Chicago opening which I am most excited about! More details still to come on that one.



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