WHISTLE DOWN THE WIN to play at the Union Theatre

Whistle Down The Wind the musical is based on the novel by Mary Hayley Bell and the screenplay by Willis Hall & Keith Waterhouse, as well as the film by Richard Attenborough and Bryan Forbes. It is adapted by Russell Labey and Richard Taylor with music and lyrics by Richard Taylor.

The time is the late 1950s, the place, a small village in Lancashire. Hurrying to a barn with three rescued kittens, Cathy, a schoolgirl, discovers a stranger hiding there. She recognises Him immediately as Jesus Christ and tells her sister, Nan. The next day their brother Charles also learns of their discovery. They decide to tell nobody, but gradually word spreads through the children of the village. Eager to protect Jesus from unbelieving adults, they keep His arrival a secret and besides, most of their parents are preoccupied with news of a convict on the loose in the area. Trouble starts when the village bully, Raymond, threatens to give the game away.

Whistle Down the Wind will be directed by Sasha Regan with musical direction by Rosa Lennox . It will feature designs by Justin Williams, Costumes by Reuben Speed

The Cast
The Man: Juan Miralles
Cathy: Sadie Levett
Nan: Tara Lucas
Charles: George Hankers
Dad: Stuart Simons
Auntie Dolly: Fiona Tong
Miss Lodge: Louise Kempson
Vicar: Eoin McKenna
Raymond: Will Sutcliffe
Policeman: Connor O’Rourke
Ensemble: Olivia Wormald, Laura Jeffries & Adrian J Mercer

28th November – 21st December 2019


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