Andrew Lloyd Webber says Theatres are likely to remain closed until September
April 9, 2020  //  By:   //  Blog  //  Comments are off

In an interview with Page Six, Andrew Lloyd Webber has said that realistically, theatres will probably not open again until September 2020 after the world has been locked down due to the Coronavirus.

He said “The industry says theaters reopen June 7. My opinion? Optimistic. Ridiculous. I think this peaks in June, and theaters remain closed until end of September. “

It’s a shocking thought that has really hit me hard today – thats almost six months away!

But it makes sense when you think about it.

Shows won’t just be able to reopen once all this is over. There will need to be full rehearsal periods for shows that reopen as the casts won’t have performed for so long they won’t be able to just go back in to it. Imagine playing a role like Elphaba in Wicked eight times a week and then not doing it for six months – voices will have to be worked on to build up the stamina for something like that which will take time.

Andrew Lloyd Webber also raises the point that for shows not yet open that are due to be (like his version of Cinderella due to open in October), there are also problems because all the work that needs to be done to get a new show on stage (building sets etc which take months) is all on hold as no one is working. So even new shows won’t be ready to just open when we are finally allowed to go back to the theatre.

Scary and uncertain times right now and who knows how long it will be until things are back to normal.