Wilmas Rating ****


Nunsense is a very loose story about 5 nuns who put on a musical cabaret show to help fund the burial of 52 sisters who met their demise through food poisoning, whilst the other sisters were out playing bingo.

The stage is set beautifully with incense being pumped into the theatre as nuns greet you at the door, making you instantly feel you are walking into a holy environment.

Hilarious musical numbers help us get to know the characters. Mother Superior is played by Sister Mary McArthur (the comedy character of Tim McArthur) and performed amazingly well, especially when you consider this was her first ever musical role! Second in command at the convent was Irish Sister Mary Hubert (played by Paul Brangan) who was equally as hilarious with a great banter shared between the two.

The funniest nun in the show is hard to choose. There is sour Sister Mary Roberts (played by Alistair Knights), the understudy in the cabaret who will do almost anything to find an opportunity to get on stage and perform, which is cleverly portrayed with envy. Also Sister Mary Amnesia (who can’t remember anything since a crucifix fell on her head) is played with charm and innocence by Josh Rochford.

The final nun in the show is Sister Mary Leo (played by David Kristopher-Brown) who’s dream of becoming a Ballerina is beautifully portrayed through dance.

Nunsense is a two hour comedy musical with some brilliant acting and catchy songs. Well worth going to see before it closes on 28th July at the Landor Theatre. I might even go back for a second time!

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