Ordinary Days – Rosemary Branch Theatre


Ordinary Days, written by Adam Gwon (one of the New York Times “50 to watch”), is made up of 20 song vignettes (song-ettes). Four characters singing songs and finding their way together. Its a lovely little musical that you could watch on a Sunday afternoon whilst the chicken is cooking in the oven (I mean if it were on TV. I am not suggesting you leave a chicken in the oven and go to the theatre – #FireHazzard).

The Rosemary Branch Theatre is a lovely little 50 seat venue, above a pub in Islington. It’s a bit of a walk from any of the stations but if you don’t mind walking for 15-20 minutes then it’s a good place to come and check out.

The set is simple, yet effective, with stacks of cardboard boxes all around the stage, giving the image of the tall buildings of New York and also the claustrophobic nature of relationships. There is a lovely colourful climax to the show which fills the theatre and brings the show to a nice close.

Fellow blogger Katie Brennan is the star of the show as Deb, with her hilarious comedy songs. She has real power in her voice and delivers the comical lines with pizzaz (who doesn’t love a bit of pizzaz). Christopher Keating, as Warren is adorable. With his zest for life and hopeful nature, he makes you realise that life is beautiful. Alexander Parker is easy on the eye as Jason. A very good actor with a nice voice (although not typically musical theatre style). Katriona Perrett is the perfect pairing for the character of Jason (preppy boy and ditzy blonde). She does well as Claire although is a little on the quiet side and could do with projecting when she sings more.

Ordinary Days is eighty minutes long and so doesn’t drag on (it leaves plenty of time for a drink in the pub before heading home)! Go and check it out if you can. It’s easy to watch and has some lovely moments in it.

Reviewed by West End Wilma

Ordinary Days is playing at the Rosemary Branch Theatre in Islington until 28 February 2015. Click here for more information and to book tickets.