Pam Ann

Wilmas rating: [rating=4]

Where: Bloomsbury Theatre, 15 Gordon Street, London, WC1H 0AH

How Much:£22

How long: 90mins (no interval)

Running until: 5th May 2012

Review performance date:
April 29 2012


Nearest station: Euston Square


Australian comedian Pam Ann flew into London for a series of shows at the Bloomsbury Theatre on 17th April 2012.Her alter ego air hostess character starts the show as she means to go on. Being hilariously crude to almost everyone in the audience.The 500 strong crowd, made up almost entirely of gay men and airline workers, roared with laughter for 90 minutes whilst she gave her opinions on airlines, their staff and their policies.

The Bloomsbury Theatre, located at the University College London in Euston Square is nothing special. With a cosey bar and toilets that look like they have never seen paint, this does not match the standards usually seen in West End theatres. However, with a much lower ticket price of around £22 pounds and a majority of comedy shows being performed here, this is definitely more of a student vibe which does not necessarily demand a more upmarket decor.

Pam Ann covers many airline related topics including easyJet’s speeding boarding. Why do people feel the need to pay more than they need to, just to be able to board the plane before everyone else and choose a seat that is exactly the same as every other?

At one point during the show, Pam Ann saw two girls in the audience taking photographs and demanded they go up on stage where she looked through the images and decided if she looked attractive or not and then insisted they take pictures of the three of them, together on stage. The two air hostesses then joined in with a seductive air safety demonstration on the laps of three men sitting in the front row!

I feel the show may have peaked a little too early, with some of the most outrageous moment being in the first 20 minutes, creating an expectation for this to carry right through to the end, while at moments it did seem to dip.

Pam Ann is a must see for a fun night out but this show comes with a serious warning, if you are easily offended and do not like swearing and foul mouthed talk (including hundreds of graphic references to the C word) then you should definitely stay well away as this show is not for you.