PARK THEATRE hold first ever Dementia Friendly Performance

park theatre dementia friendly access performancePark theatre take the next step in making theatre accessible to all people.

The latest show at the Park Theatre, Killing Time, deals with the subject of loss of self and identity and shows how we cope with terminal illness and death amongst loved ones.

This week saw the first ever Dementia Friendly performance at the Park Theatre, as part of a range of access performances in their Spring/ Summer season and I went along to check it out.

Much like a relaxed performance, which creates a safe environment for those with autism or other disabilities, to experience theatre performances without the worry of being judged if they feel the need to make noise or move around during a performance, a dementia friendly performances provides a relaxed environment that reduces stress levels and feels very much like watching s show in your own living room. The cosy space of Park90 is perfect for this small and comfortable type of performance. The lights are left on during the show and people are welcome to come and go as they please.

The Park Theatre have made it possible for those affected by Dementia to experience a live theatre performance. Their programme of access performances is to be applauded and I hope that other theatre’s and producers start to roll out similar programmes in due course.

Everybody should be able to experience live theatre, regardless of disability and if we are going to complain about theatre etiquette and good behaviour at the theatre, then we equally need to do our part to ensure there are other options available to people, so we all have the chance to see the same shows.

The Park Theatre’s Access programme includes Captioned, Audio Described, Relaxed & Dementia Friendly, Parents & Babies, Deaf Friendly and Family Friendly performances. For full details click here