People, Places and Things to transfer to the Wyndhams Theatre after a sell out run at the National

pptFollowing a sell out run at the National Theatre’s Dorfman Theatre, People, Places and Things is set to transfer to the West End’s Wyndhams Theatre from 15 March 2016 for a three month run. The latest production from Headlong Theatre follows the success of the Olivier Award winning show The Nether and George Orwell’s 1984.

Denise Gough will reprise the role of Emma, the alcoholic drug addict, struggling with addiction and coming to terms with the life she has found herself living. It’s an in-your-face ensemble play with a strong protagonist lead character.

Bunny Christie’s set design is bare and clinical (as you would expect a rehab clinic to be) with desks and beds appearing from underneath the stage to set the scenes. The West End production plans to include seats on the stage for audience members to sit on to make the play feel more snug and connected in a larger theatre.

Denise Gough (who believes that characters choose the actor they want to play them and the actor has no real control over the decision) says that the biggest joy of this production has been seeing the audiences reactions. “They feel this is their play”, it deals with issues everyone can release to and is about fighting against the odds. It has been an important sell-out show at the National and is set to make even more of an impact when it lands in the West End in March.

People, Places and Things will play at the Wyndhams Theatre from 15 March 2016 – 4 June 2016.