Check out these photos of BRITTEN IN BROOKLYN which opens tonight at Wilton’s Music Hall

Britten in Brooklyn 9 Ruby Bentall (Carson McCullers) Sadie Frost (Gypsy Rose Lee) Photo Marc BrennerThe bohemian lifestyle of Benjamin Britten, WH Auden, Carson McCullers and Gypsy Rose Lee in the artistic community at 7 Middagh Street starts to unravel as World War II becomes a brutal reality. Exiled in America for his beliefs and a national disgrace Benjamin Britten must decide which way his conflicted political ideals lie but the constant parties, doomed affairs and John Dunne, the mysterious stranger provide an easy distraction.

Based on true events, the World Premiere of Zoe Lewis’s passionate and thought-provoking play takes place in the beautiful and unique setting of Wilton’s Music Hall.

The cast are Ruby Bentall (Carson McCullers), David Burnett (John Dunne), Sadie Frost (Gypsy Rose Lee), John Hollingworth (WH Auden) Ryan Sampson (Benjamin Britten)

Check out these images by Marc Brenner

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Britten in Brooklyn plays at Wilton’s Music Hall until 17 September 2016