Piff The Magic Dragon

Wilma’s Rating *****

Piff The Magic Dragon enters the stage of the Soho Theatre in a box. Not happy with the response he receives from the audience, he walks off stage and then magically re-appears from the same box in the middle of the stage. At this point you realise you are in for a night of magic.

A man dressed as a dragon, breathing fire and performing tricks with a flying chihuahua (Mr Piffles) is no ordinary concept for a magic show. There is as much comedy as there is magic and audience participation is in abundance.

Mr Piffles (the chihuahua) enters the stage inside one of four cardboard boxes, suspended from the roof of the theatre. An audience member is asked to randomly select each box, destroying the first three with baseball bats and other items that would surely kill any animal inside, until only one remains. Sure enough, that is the box that contains Mr Piffles.

The 45 minute show whizzes by and leaves you aching from excessive laughing by the end. Piff The Magic Dragon is comedy gold from beginning to end. Piffs unamused facial expressions and miserable assistant Amy only add to the humour and who doesn’t love a chihuahua that can read people’s minds?