Positive – Park Theatre

positiveWeb-700x466About ten seconds after this show started I had a moment of déjà vu and realised I had seen it before at Waterloo East Theatre. Upon scrolling through the credits I realised my memory was so easily jogged because 4 of the 6 performers in this show were also in the original cast.

Now at Finsbury Park’s classy Park Theatre, the show tells the story of Benji, a boy with HIV who lives a solitary life with only his flat mate Nikki and her boyfriend Greg for company. After much debate, Benji agrees to go on a blind date with one of Greg’s work friends (it is either that or see his mother) and the two unexpectedly hit it off. But can Benji find the right time to tell him about his little secret or will someone else blurt it out unexpectedly. Positive is a story of coming to terms with a disease for not only the person living with it but also for their family and friends (some of whom deal with it better than others).

Ryan J Brown is hilarious as Olly, the one night stand that thinks he can be infected just through kissing. Despite not wanting to use a condom and having never been tested himself, he assures Benji that he is totally clean and then accuses him of trying to infect him when he explains his situation. Timothy George (Benji) is slim, blonde and beautiful and gives a lovely innocence to the character. Claire Greenway is brilliant and clinic worker Jennifer who thrives off of finding out the patients latest gossip.

Positive is funny and heartwarming and deals with a sensitive subject well by injecting humour and occasional bursts of Britney Spears. It really is worth a watch.

Reviewed by West End Wilma
Photo: Robert Workman

Positive is playing at the Park Theatre until 1 August 2015. Click here for tickets