Potted Potter

Potted Potter - Jeff_Turner_and_Daniel_Clarkson
Wilmas Rating [rating=3]


I’ve been pondering this review for a few days now and the trouble is there is nothing wrong with Potted Potted but there isn’t really much right either.

Two, fully grown men, messing around on stage, trying (rather unsuccessfully) to tell the story of all seven Harry Potter books in just seventy minutes. If you don’t at least know the basic plot of Harry Potter then you would be forgiven for leaving the show baffled, as to what was supposed to have happened. But for those of us who knew enough about the books and films, we muggled through the show (see what I did there), just about keeping up with what was going on.

The hundreds of children in the audience loved it! Bent over in laughter, standing up to make sure they didn’t miss anything and begging to be chosen as the ones to go up on stage (although the day I saw the show, a small shrieking boy seemed to find his way onto stage and volunteer himself). An audience game of Quidditch (with an inflatable beach ball) sent children flying to catch it and adults cowering in their seats, for fear of being hit).

I liked the way they managed to reference almost every west end theatre show within the act. That was quite impressive. Sadly, after 30 minutes I started rolling my eyes and praying it would be over. There was much, unnecessary repetition in the show that seemed to be there just to pad it out.

A west end theatre show this is not, but If it keeps the children entertained for an hour then what’s wrong with that?


Potted Potter plays at the Garrick Theatre until April 21st 2013. Click here  for tickets.