UK premiere of punkplay comes to Southwark Playhouse this September


There’s Duck and there’s Mickey. They’re the kids of America and it’s the 80s apocalypse. They hate their parents and there’s no point in algebra. They’re grabbing at this thing called life: guitars, girls, love, fury, heartbreak and noise noise noise. Punk is their escape from suburbia and it’s like nothing they have ever heard. It’s fast – it’s alive – it’s already dead.

Gregory S. Moss’s punkplay is a riot of a play told at breakneck pace with a killer soundtrack. It’s a coming-of-age story about subcultures, friendship and not-fitting-in – all on rollerskates.

Part of Punk London – 40 years of subversive culture | #punklondon

Praise for the Steppnwolf production included:

‘As urgent and concentrated as a punk-rock track and brilliantly funny’ ★★★★★ Time Out Chicago

Casting and further creative details are to be announced.