Wilma loves the theatre but she can’t afford to pay £60 every time (i’m sure many of you are the same). I’m always on the look out for cheaper seats that won’t give me vertigo or mean i’m watching the top of actors heads for hours.

Here are my tips for getting closer to the stage for less! If you know of any others, please let me know and i’ll post them here!


    • Aldwych Theatre

I sat in a box at Beautiful (Box E) and sadly the view was extremely restricted. The tickets come with the usual ‘box’ warning that it is a side on view but the majority of the action in the show happens on the left hand side of the stage which means this box obstructs much of the action. The other side of the auditorium is probably fine but due to the way this show is staged, this box isn’t ideal. Especially at over £50 per ticket.


  • Shaftesbury Theatre

Its been a while since I sat in the Stalls of the Shaftesbury Theatre but I bought myself an amazing centre isle seat for the first preview of the Pajama Game. The trouble with the centre aisles is that the seats are all directly in front of each other and so I spent the entire show looking at the back of a mans head and missing a lot of the action as everything was happening in the middle of the stage. Just a note to be careful with these seats as everyone on the ends of the rows looked like they were watching a tennis match (with their heads constantly trying to see what was happening). And for up to £96 per ticket in these seats its one to be careful of.


  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Drury Lane

The front row of the stalls has one seat on both ends that is Restricted View as there is very limited leg room. It is classed as price level 5 and prices at £26.50.


  • Billy Elliot – Victoria Palace Theatre

The majority of seats in the first four rows of the stalls are Restricted View as the stage is very high. However, the price reflects this and at just £19.50 you can be sure to be close to the action at an affordable price! I have just booked these seats and so will update you in a couple of weeks as to what my view was like!


  • Wicked – Apollo Victoria Theatre

The front of the stalls on the very left and right hand sides of the stage are classed as Restricted View. They are actually pretty good seats and can mean you get really close to the stage so you can feel like you’re in the show!

Ticketmaster will allow you to select your own seats, meaning you can hover around and see which are which (price wise). If you look carefully you can find a £15 restricted view seat next to a £65 top price seat (huge saving and barely any difference)!

Restricted view tickets on the left hand side (looking at the stage) are £15 and those on the right hand side are £29 (slightly less restricted)