REVIEW: A Little Night Music (Ye Olde Rose and Crown)

CQzcOwgXAAAbRdoPack up the luggage la la la… one of Sondheims less commercially popular shows but a well loved classic for thespians, A Little Night Music opened in Walthomstow this week, following on from its successful run of Into The Woods last year.

Set in Sweden in 1900 we meet Desiree Armfeldt, the once big time actress who now finds herself touring the country to maintain her once glamorous lifestyle. When ex lover Frederik turns up at one of her performances with his new 18 year old virginal wife, sparks fly and he rushes back into her arms during the night. Desirees lover Count Magnus walks in on the pair in each other’s arms and runs back to his wife, demanding she invite everyone over for a weekend in their country home so he can publicly uncover the truth about their liaisons. Meanwhile Frederiks son has fallen for his fathers young wife and is in desperate need to decide what he should do for the best.

The cast of sixteen make this show what it really is. Sarah Waddell is magnificent as leading lady Desiree Armfeldt, bringing comedy to the show as well as a lovely rendition of Send In The Clowns. Equally, Jamie Birkett adds hilarity to the role of the Countess and looks stunning. Lindsey Murray does it for the older generation giving the role of Madame Armfeldt everything she has and Joshua Considine is the eye candy in this show with his puppy dog eyes and sensual cello playing. The rest of the cast are equally brilliant and there truly isn’t a weak link in the show.

The staging was adventurous for a venue of this size but careful direction meant that huge dance numbers were performed without hitting any audience members in the face. The set was simple but well arranged and there was just enough of everything that was needed to make this a great show. At almost three hours it surprisingly didn’t drag on and I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly it went!

Reviewed by West End Wilma
Photo: David Ovenden

A Little Night Music is playing at Ye Olde Rose and Crown until 31 October 2015. Click here for tickets