a working titleWhat I love about The Union Theatre, is that it gives a voice to wonderful new theatre and promising unestablished writers. Fortunately ‘A Working Title’, was no exception to this.

Original Impact Theatre Company tell the stories of the unsung twenty something Londoners, who still haven’t (if I may quote the play) ‘got their sh*t together’. It is filled with hilarious comedy and some heartfelt moments that the similarly aged audience could really relate to.

The writing is punchy, rhythmic and daring from young writer Megan Jenkins, and manages to reach out and speak to the individual in a raw, uplifting manner. The monologues managed to create a complex imagery, portraying the mundane task of ‘getting on the tube’ as something quite beautiful.

The writing is wonderfully delivered by a fresh group of young actors. Particular stand out performances came from Christina Henne Holmbek and Vinnie Monachello, who’s endearing characterisation and expert comic timing, brought the piece to life on a different level.

As much as I enjoyed the gloriously wordy script, there were moments when the cast found themselves tripping over a bit, especially when their diction became a little lax. . There were also some bold stylised directorial decisions which were not my cup of tea, but I can appreciate the need for them transitioning between stories.

There is a clever use of music in this piece, the whole play being underscored and accompanied by accomplished actor /muso performer Oliver Healy. The choice of music was certainly relatable to the generation that was being commented on, and sometimes came in at amusing, corny moments, ( it was a piece which didnt take itself too seriously!)

I overheard an audience member saying ‘londoners should see this play’, and I am inclined to agree with them. On a certain level the piece managed to unify the audience, giving them a fresh appreciation for where they are from and the choices they’ve made.

Reviewed by Laura Milas

A Working Title played at the Union until the 18th of May before touring Manchester and Edinburgh